Denise O'Leary

What my clients say

  • “I used Denise after a recommendation and from this I would also happily recommend her to anyone else who is looking for an external marketing/bid writer for their business.”

    Dan Barfoot, CMD Recruitment

  • “Denise – Thank you for meeting with Diem Anh from Vietnam via Skype! We had our regular mentoring session this morning and she told me how beneficial she found meeting with you last week! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy calendar for supporting this great cause.”

    Tina Schuste – Cheri Blair Foundation – Mentoring Women in Business

  • “Denise O’Leary is an exceptional individual capable not only in her chosen profession marketing but also across a broad range of business functions. Her ability & willingness to tackle complex issues & deliver long lasting improvements make Denise a real asset in any environment.”

    David Jones, Cistermiser

  • “Don’t let the blonde hair and purple exterior fool you! Denise O’Leary is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to all things marketing and BID writing. Having risen to the top ranks in the manufacturing and construction sectors, her knowledge is immense. If you are looking to win BIDs and improve your marketing, then Denise is the lady for you.”

    Alison Edgar, Sales Coaching Solutions

  • “Denise is an excellent marketer and her skills at delivering the training were perfect. We were all engaged whilst Denise ensured the subject matter was interesting, relevant and impactful. We have gone on to adopt many of Denise’s suggestions with good success.”

    Sarah Jordon, SGH Martineau, Birmingham

  • “I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to work with Denise who has always offered her help and support whenever I have needed it despite her hectic schedule.”

    Emily Marks, Intern

  • “Making sense out of the diverse world of communication. Denise is a great communicator.”

    Joanne Rolliston

  • “Refreshing to be in a room of likeminded business women, sharing in ideas, knowledge and working through problems together. I feel like I have achieved a week full of work in one session.”

    Dannielle Whitman

  • “Denise excelled as a mentor. Not only was she on hand during my placement, but since leaving Purpol Marketing she has taken a genuine interest in my studies and career progression.”

    Bronwyn Jesse