Denise O'Leary
Business Coaching

Business & Personal Coaching

Whether you are striving to reach Coaching goals within your own business, trying to improve yourself in your current position or are wanting to take the next step in your career, Denise’s services will help you reach your goal.

Denise has extensive experience in marketing, bid writing and building and running a successful SME. Therefore, the expertise, guidance and advice she can offer are immense. Because Denise measures her success on the success of her clients, she is committed to making the coaching experience deeply meaningful, enjoyable and highly effective.

As a professional, skilled and trusted business coach, Denise will help you achieve your objectives with greater ease and speed. Therefore, helping you to achieve significant individual and business breakthroughs.

Whether you already know of areas you need to improve in, or whether you require yourself and/or your business and its activities observed to uncover where improvements are needed, Denise can help. She will take time to understand your specific organisation and listen to what is going on in the business. Watching not only what is happening but also how you and/or your team are working.

Alternatively, you can choose to have a full review made of your business. From which, Denise will make an independent assessment and then agree on a plan with you that tackles all key issues.

Coaching Expertise

As your coach, Denise can help:

You focus on the future and end result – transporting you from where you are currently to where you want to be

To foster and develop individual performance in a business context

You develop better leadership and people management skills

To highlight your own and, if applicable, your business’s blind spots

You draw out your innate talents

Provide insight into values and strengths and how you can capitalise on your unique talents

You with career strategy and development

Improve performance by allowing you as a business owner, employee or executive to focus on business and career strategy for effective growth

You to manage difficult situations and performance issues

You to build resilience to stress

To optimise your performance in a new role

Provide advice and guidance when you need to make key changes and decisions

Coaching sessions will be made to fit into your schedule, can be provided for as long or as short a time as you need and can be provided face to face, over skype, telephone or even via email.

Want to find out more about how coaching can help your business performance? Call me on +44 (0)1249 481411 or email [email protected]

Denise O

Need help to pay for business coaching?

Develop your leadership skills, expand your management knowledge and advance your business strategy. A coaching grant will give you the support you need to effectively develop your business. Depending on where you are based, there are grants available to support your business coaching.

Denise is proud to be a GAINS Quality Assured Coach

GAINS (Gloucestershire’s Accelerated Impact Network Support) is a business support project delivered through the University of Gloucestershire, made possible by the European Regional Growth Fund. GAINS provides a programme of subsidised business coaching for high growth SMEs in Gloucestershire, to help grow their businesses.

For more information on this scheme, contact Geraldine McCullagh, Project Manager, GAINS (Gloucestershire’s Accelerated Impact Network Support) on email [email protected] or call 01242 715464.

Scale-Up Coaching Grants Scheme

Denise is also supporting the Enterprising West of England Scale-Up Coaching Grants Scheme.

To find out more, read the Scale-Up Coaching Grants Overview, or contact Business West on 01275 373 373.