Denise O'Leary
Business Consultancy

An eye for detail will allow you to focus on success.

Business Consultancy

With 20+ years’ experience and expertise, Denise’s consultancy services support businesses to achieve their full potential. Guiding them to success in the utilisation of bespoke plans and ideas to help a business reach their targets. A focused plan, appropriate insight and a structured methodology are key to any businesses success.

Denise is focused on your business’s final result, whether this means a professionally crafted and investor ready business plan or a performance review and growth plan that provides your business with a grounding for success. Denise’s consultancy services are always tailored to you and your individual personal and business needs.

Whether your business is large or small, young or established, it will benefit from a huge amount of business knowledge, vision, and experience.

As your business consultant, Denise can provide:

Market Research

Business Advice & Guidance

Employee Mentoring, Training & Coaching your Progress

Strategy Development

Growth Strategy Development – A growth strategy is important to discover where you want to be in the future and how you will achieve this. By providing a clear and concise strategy for your future growth, Denise will work with you to provide the essential support and guidance to work towards your goals.

Marketing & Sales Strategy and Plan Development

Business Review

How can your business best align to customer needs? A Business review with an impartial expert helps to reveal the options from an impartial perspective.

Creating a strategic roadmap to direct your business

Macro and Micro business analysis

Market and Competitor research and audience segmentation

Marketing Direction

With a full understanding of your marketing mix, Denise can advise ways to maximise customer retention, improve promotional effectiveness and increase share of voice on social media.

Business Performance Improvement Services

Business Performance Audits

Bespoke Business Plans

Business Plan Proposal Presentations

Finding Funding Solutions

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