Denise O'Leary
Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring

According to SBA, 30% of new businesses may not survive past the first 24 months, and 50% of those may not make it past five years. However, 70% of mentored businesses survive longer than 5 years.

Running a start-up or SME can be a lonely experience. While you may be an expert in certain areas, your knowledge might be lacking in others. Additionally, in the early stages, when funds are limited, hiring somebody else is not often an option. This restricts your ability to bounce ideas off of another person and limits your ability to have multiple viewpoints on different ideas and decisions.

These issues can severely affect the success of your business. However, they can be easily prevented with the aid of a mentor. While as a mentor, Denise will not tell you what to do or how to do it, she WILL help you to make the right decisions for yourself!

Business Expertise

Denise is well equipped to provide the help and advice you need. She can act as a sounding board for your ideas and projects and challenge and guide your thinking to help you develop your career and/or your business. Her expertise and extensive experience in creating and running an SME will help your own business to grow and thrive.

As your mentor, Denise will:

Provide an independent, external perspective for decision-making

Be a trusted, confidential and unbiased shoulder to lean on

Be an outlet for discussing ideas, challenges, and new opportunities

Provide general guidance in areas where you have less experience

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Denise O

As your mentor, Denise will be available for face to face meetings, or over Skype, telephone or even email. The aim is to fit your schedule and individual needs. She can help you to:

Need help with export mentoring?

Denise is an export mentor supporting businesses from all sectors. Her practical insights on how to gain export clients and marketing strategies for international audiences all work towards aligning your business for export success. Denise is also able to direct you to additional support available and share insight from her own export experiences, showing how both product and service businesses can succeed in developing international markets.

  • “Denise has been a fantastic support to me as a mentor and has given me great advice, she is full of positive energy. I’ve enjoyed meeting with her and have found her feedback very useful to me in my business.”

    Export mentee Sue Bradley, Sue Bradley Designs

  • “Denise’s experience and marketing expertise within multiple European engineering industries continues to be an important element in the on-going development of AquaDam’s European marketing strategy.”

    Export mentee Greg Shakeshaft, AquaDam Europe

Want to find out more about export mentoring? Call me on +44 (0)1249 481411 or email [email protected]